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AURA Security


Today, technology and security go hand in hand. In the past, security was viewed as an impediment to the business, something that slowed us down and made quick releases impossible. However, with the current threat landscape, we now know that this mindset and approach is exactly the attitude those looking for vulnerabilities expect and hope that we have.

At RGA, we understand the value of building security in every step of the way to ensure the safety and integrity of our customers' data.
Because security is important to us and our customers, we’ve made it an integral part of our development lifecycle and integrated security best practices into all that we do.

Data Privacy & Protection

RGA data protection policies prohibit the disclosure or misuse of information about your customers.

AURA data is classified as restricted, which requires the most stringent level of security and data protection controls. 

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Network Security

AURA and RGA take the utmost care to ensure policies and procedures are adhered to that protect against unauthorized access.

Comprehensive monitoring and logging systems are in place and allow for a holistic view of the environment. 

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AURA services are consumed by our customers from AWS public cloud hosting facilities.

Public cloud hosting has changed the way organizations approach availability and Disaster Recovery (DR).
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Security & Compliance

RGA is investing in both security and compliance programs.

Security programs are focused on:

  • access management
  • secrets management
  • encryption ...

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