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Comments from the Team

In today’s technological landscape, security is a key component to ensuring the safety and security of our customers’ data.

At RGA we believe in building security into every system and process while continually educating all of our employees on industry best practices. Below, our team has laid out their priorities and the ways in which they contribute to keeping RGA and our customers’ data safe.


AURA Technologies is investing significant effort toward security and protection of our clients’ data. In recent years, the AURA electronic underwriting solutions have been moved to Amazon Web Services (AWS), which means world-class physical security for our customers.

Various vulnerability prevention solutions have been put in place, including bi-annual penetration tests, daily vulnerability scans, secure development best practices, full stack encryption and zero-day patching capabilities. Recognizing that breach prevention is never fully guaranteed, AURA is currently undergoing a SOC 2 readiness assessment that will lead to a SOC 2 report. This report will provide existing and new AURA customers a globally recognized certification from a third-party reviewer.


— Tom Lynch, AURA Executive Director



“Within information security, and as part of the development of new products and services as well as new releases of existing products and services, members of our security team have a seat at the table. We are able to impact builds from the ground up.  Our team regularly partners with development teams to scan for vulnerabilities, conduct app-based penetration tests, ensure policies are adhered to and vet changes in any major release. The application of best practices at every step is designed to give our customers the security and peace of mind they want and need.”
— Mikael Wood, AURA Lead Security Architect



“Just as we build security into our information technology and development process, we take the same approach when it comes to other aspects of security. Whether it is information security or physical security, our dedicated teams are committed to utilizing industry best practices to keep our customers’ data safe and secure. We firmly believe in conducting regular assessments and ongoing monitoring of policies, procedures and controls to mitigate our risk as well as our customers’ risks.” 

— Will Lucas, Deputy Chief Security Officer